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“Gilson is my secret weapon when it comes to search engine optimization; on my first public video, he put in the top spot, above the fold, for my keywords – in a week! Despite my wanting to keep his formidable skills to myself, he’s such a good guy that I find I must recommend him. You cannot go wrong with Gilson.”

Logan Lowe

Intellectual Property/Technology Law


“Thanks to the SEO services that Gilson provides we are easy to find on the internet and our phone rings daily with people inquiring about our classes and services. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make a difference in their business through internet marketing.”

Michelle Gay

TEDx Speaker; Chief Instructor/Founder Kenwakan Karate


I had a sharp increase in my practice because of the local search marketing done by Gilson. He listened and understood what my practice was about and implemented a customized marketing plan for my business. I highly recommend his services.”

Lynne Fredericks

Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT)

1-2-1 Consultation

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How long is the consultation?

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How much is the 1-2-1 Consultation?

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